XLN have been a client of Market Location for over seven years and continues to utilise all of the data and services available to them to help with their acquisition plans and to provide a more tailored approach to their end customers. When looking for accurate, up-to-date UK business data, XLN found Market Location and, over the years, has had confidence that any compliance and legislative rules will be followed to the letter by Market Location, taking the stress and worry away from XLN.

Our work with XLN highlights the real power of accurate data and the essential requirement of regular updates to stay ahead of the competition.

The Client

XLN Business Services, commonly known as XLN, provides utility services such as telecoms to UK businesses. While many utility services like XLN include corporates and large institutions in their client book, XLN focuses on small businesses only to ensure a more bespoke approach to this sector. Clients include small businesses across various industries.

Some of XLN’s services include:

  • Telecoms such as business broadband and phone lines
  • Business mobile
  • Card processing machines
  • Fibre broadband
  • Free public Wi-Fi
  • VoIP hosting
  • Business energy


XLN has been a client of Market Location since 2015, and the relationship came about when XLN realised they needed a centralised process to reduce the duplication of data and a way to keep it clean and compliant.

The Problem

XLN identified various problems that contributed to inefficiencies in their outbound telesales teams, field sales and marketing teams.

At the top of the list were telesales and field sales teams that worked in isolation, buying their data. Departments didn’t share data in a centralised location, which meant a conflict between data channels and poor data quality. Overlaps caused team conflict, spurring the desire to centralise data processes.

The Marketing team experienced issues gathering separate data sources to use in email campaigns. Understanding which data they were able to email, being able to segment the data and keeping that data clean was difficult.

All departments were looking for a way to keep their data organised, clean and compliant. Removing invalid data ensured that only active businesses remained in the system for their calls and emails. XLN needed comprehensive, thorough, and compliant processes to improve
data quality and ensure compliance with data
protection laws.

The problems that needed solving included:

  • Duplicated data
  • Poor communication between departments so organisations weren’t contacted by multiple departments
  • Poor data quality
  • High unsubscribe rates
  • High email bounce rates
  • Low call connection rates

The Solution

Market Location provided a single, comprehensive process for supplying and updating the database with compliant data. This lowered the cost of data management as a whole.

XLN used the following Market Location solutions to meet its objectives:

Centralised Database

It was a smooth experience and a short timeframe for XLN to implement the Market Location database. They submitted their database for matching and review ensuring a streamlined data verification flow. Throughout this process, data was validated and missing information was updated.

Compliance Check

XLN was able to leverage Market Location’s high-quality compliant data when they were required to meet GDPR requirements. XLN has complete confidence in their data due to Market Location’s thorough and modern approach to its maintenance with the use of the call centre that checks the data regularly.

Email Data Management

Accurate Email data ensured XLN had access to the following:

  • Up-to-date data allowed emails to be received by well-segmented audiences which helped to provide a fantastic customer experience
  • Email preferences remained compliant
  • A centralised database that all departments could access that ensured communication with clients was streamlined and improved
  • Personalisation and precise targeting

The Results

XLN experienced an immediate improvement in its email programs and feedback from Sales was outstanding. They quickly realised that choosing to partner with Market Location to ensure they had accurate and compliant data was an investment that was paying off.

This was due to the following:

  • Increase quality leads
  • More lead conversions
  • Improved management of the sales pipeline
  • Telesales teams experienced a performance boost through an increased connection rate
  • Email bounce rates decreased
  • Tangible sales results were evident within months of using the Market Location data universe service

What the future holds for XLN and Market Location

The top reasons that XLN chooses to continue to partner with Market Location are:

  • Market Location’s superb account management and fast responsiveness to its needs
  • XLN’s confidence in Market Location’s data, thanks to its high standard of data cleansing, gathering and retention
  • Market Location’s outstanding reputation in the market for high-quality, compliant B2B UK data
  • The ability to work directly with Market Location as a complete data solution provider who owns the data creation and update process from beginning to end

Сhoosing Market Location

Clients choose Market Location as their B2B data providers for a number of reasons, chiefly the following:

  • British market-leading data providers for over 50 years
  • Complete ownership of all data and control of the provision process
  • Complete ownership of IP on the data and total responsibility for updates
  • Transparent services provided from our 70-seat contact centre in Sutton Coldfield, UK
  • Comprehensive GDPR compliance, supported by research and verification for all records
  • Ongoing maintenance and refreshment of data – the entire data universe is refreshed on a 9 to 12 month cycle
  • Total insight into all the data we work with, providing peace of mind and understanding to our clients
  • Full commitment to B2B customer service and service quality – we lead the market in the UK and work hard to retain this position

Reach out to the Market Location team today to discover how their data universe services can benefit your business.

Why choose Market Location?

Market Location is the UK’s leading B2B business data and marketing solutions provider. Based in Sutton Coldfield, we have over 50 years of experience in data and direct marketing. We have achieved ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 accreditation and take our role as a data provider very seriously.

Our dedicated team of data experts is fully versed in CDPR and PECR requirements, and we have a sophisticated understanding of data requirements and analysis techniques.

As the UK’s trusted B2B data provider, Market Location provides bespoke solutions to enhance your data universe.