Market Location supplies accurate data records to Mtech Communications, an established B2B service provider specialising in telecommunications, CCTV, and various web-­based services. Mtech Communications relies heavily on data to reach new markets and make valuable connections, with data accuracy having a direct and pronounced impact on targets, relationships, and sales. Our work with Mtech Communications highlights the real power of data, not just as currency but also as a catalyst for positive change.

The Client

Mtech Communications has provided various B2B services to a wide-ranging client base for over five years. It employs around 40 people, including a direct telemarketing team and quality control department, among other back-office staff. Accurate data allows Mtech Communications to engage, respond, and grow.


Mtech Communications and Market Location have been working together since early 2022. Their initial and successful trial period turned into a respectful and valuable partnership based on proven results. Tired of dealing with data inaccuracies and operational anomalies, Mtech Communications was happy to find a tailored service and trusted partner.

The Problem

Before engaging Market Location, Mtech Communications had experienced multiple direct and follow-on problems from data anomalies. As a B2B service provider reliant on telemarketing and client contact, outdated and inaccurate data records directly impacted the company’s operations and service quality.

Mtech Communication’s previous data supplier offered a mix of campaign data, cold leads, and confusing records with little contextual relevance. Much of this data was generic, and it was often inaccurate and not fit for purpose. In many situations, the contact information available for senior decision-makers had changed over time, which made it more of a liability than an asset.

Like many other B2B companies, data quality directly impacts how Mtech Communications does business. Inaccurate data is more than a hindrance; it affects operations on the ground and makes sales targets much harder to realise.

Previous call-to-meeting conversions for Mtech Communications were limited to 0.6%, which was well below the company’s 1% target.

Inferior data frustrated Mtech Communication’s telemarketing team, who spent much of their time cleansing data rather than implementing it effectively. Sales teams were also impacted in the field, with face-to-face appointments compromised by a lack of clear information. This negatively impacted the board and affected issues as diverse as staff morale and reputation management.

The Solution

Market Location’s data has been built specifically for sales and marketing teams. Due to the refinement and meticulous maintenance of the data for over 50 years to help customers generate outstanding results within their campaigns.

The custom data package designed for Mtech Communications was created to address their key operational challenges:

  • The need for data accuracy
  • Improved workplace systems
  • Better client and staff relationships
  • Increased conversions and sales

Market Location provided a high-quality data service to support Mtech Communication’s need for accurate and robust business records. Backed by new data services, Mtech Communications could streamline operations and drive its business forward.

Mtech Communications evaluated multiple data suppliers, including some with fixed fee structures.

However, key issues were not resolved, with much of the data presented remaining outdated and irrelevant. After on line research, the company selected Market Location to achieve better results.

One of the deciding factors in choosing Market Location as their data supplier was due to their UK-based call centre. They felt confident in the quality and accuracy of the compliant data. The relationship started with a short-term trial and became a valuable long-term partnership.


Mtech Communications initially engaged Market Location for a trial period, which was a massive success. A trial was conducted over six weeks, with 2,500 select data records focused on during the initial contract. The collaboration between Mtech Communications and Market Location during this period was critical, and a relationship was developed based on real-world results and mutual respect.

Implementing Warm and Hot Lead Follow-Ups

Market Location took the time to understand Mtech Communications as a business, from its history and current challenges to its immediate and long-term growth plans. Mtech Communications offers a highly tailored service, with Market Location reflecting this personalised attitude with custom services and flexible delivery standards.

Mtech Communications was impressed by Market Location’s:

  • Relationship-based services
  • Tailored business solutions
  • Professional accountability
  • Flexible and responsive delivery
  • Accessible UK-based call centre

The Results

The following results were realised – and much quicker than first imagined:

Improved conversions and sales

With a previous call-to-meeting conversion rate of around 0.5 to 0.6%, there was a lot of room for improvement. Average results quickly doubled to 1.2% and tripled again to an average of 3.26% after six months. Mtech Communications is now aiming for 4-5% as it creates new working systems forged in good data. Better conversion had a direct impact on sales, as the benefits of data accuracy flowed through to all aspects of the business.

Mtech Communications commented on the telemarketing team’s improved results. “From trial to now, Tasha has quadrupled her output” due to the data she is using.

Increased performance efficiency

With reliable access to accurate information, Mtech Communications was well-equipped to refine internal triggers and hit new targets. Good data is not just about accuracy but also timing and response. When records are correct, connections are made possible, and pathways are developed based on internal criteria.
“Our lives were made easier by speaking to the right person”, Tasha from the telemarketing team commented when speaking about the quality of data.

Better morale and reputation

Intangible factors often have a real and lasting impact. With employees able to access and utilise accurate data, telemarketing morale improved dramatically across the board. People enjoyed making calls as they were more accurate, and businesses responded positively as they felt validated. Good data is about refining existing processes and allowing new processes and relationships to develop.

The Future

Based on the success of the data used in the telemarketing programs at Mtech Communications, the Marketing team has built Market Location into their future plans as they look for ways to grow the business.

“We are very much looking at other services like email campaigns due to the success we have had,” Mtech Communications said. “We are looking at different ways that Market Location can add additional revenue streams to our business and do different types of campaigns”


Why choose Market Location?

Market Location is the UK’s leading B2B business data and marketing solutions provider. Based in Sutton Coldfield, we have over 50 years of experience in data and direct marketing. We have achieved ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 accreditation and take our role as a data provider very seriously.

Our dedicated team of data experts is fully versed in CDPR and PECR requirements, and we have a sophisticated understanding of data requirements and analysis techniques.

As the UK’s trusted B2B data provider, Market Location provides bespoke solutions to enhance your data universe.