With our UK Call Centre we are in a prime position to collect data and triggers that allow us to create specialist data lists. Market Location can then provide this data to you as a subscription product or one off dataset.

You can sign up to daily, weekly, or monthly alerts about your target market as part of these valuable services.

Fastest Growing Businesses

A data subscription service from Market Location which alerts you every month to all the businesses in your target markets that are experiencing rapid growth, so you can market to them ahead of your competitors.

Successful businesses with a record of high growth offer an excellent marketing opportunity as they are in a period of evolution and are likely to be requiring new or upgraded services and suppliers to support their continued growth.

Brand New Business

“Brand New Business Service” allows you to be informed regularly of any new businesses, start-ups, relocations, new branches and/or new business owners in your area.

With feeds coming in from multiple sources we have indicators that will push a record through to the call centre as a new business start-up which we can then verify before supplying to our customers. Allowing early marketing of any products or solutions that a new business may require.

A diverse group of professionals shaking hands at a business meeting.

New to Database

Be one of the first companies to benefit from telephone verified contact data for a record that has just been added to our dataset within the last 24 hours. You will still receive all of the usual data fields that Market Location can offer.

Social Media Audience

Social media is a highly effective marketing channel strategically positioned as one of the most interactive tactics.

Leveraging our telephone verified UK business data allows you to set up target audiences within social media platforms and increase your brand awareness, serving tailored ads to provide your prospects with a fully targeted experience.

Company Technology Insights

Do you need to target organisations that use specific technologies? Paypal, Facebook, Salesforce etc

Technographic data from Market Location gives you insights into the hardware and software your target accounts use and need. Impress your prospects with a tailored message and gain a competitive advantage by selling to the best targets based on the technologies they use.

Let us know what technologies your targets need to be using and we can provide you with a count of the marketable records available.


If your target market covers companies that import or export goods then we can provide you with marketable companies based on this criteria. We can even segment based on the goods or services that they are importing/exporting.