At Market Location, we can give you a competitive edge through our accurate, compliant data.

Comprising of all the actively trading businesses in the UK and widely recognised as the most up-to-date and accurate telephone researched database.

About Our Data

Unique in the Industry

We are unique in the industry because we are the only organisation using industry leading technology and advanced AI techniques to drive our data capture and a call centre to verify all our UK B2B data to ensure completeness, accuracy, and GDPR/PECR compliance.

Built over the last 50 years specifically for marketing purposes, our dataset has evolved over time now incorporating sources from directory partners, open data, telecom providers, Companies House, PAF, credit reference agencies and other data partners.

Highly Trained Agents

We make over 2 million calls annually to ensure complete accuracy, and we are the only data company with a UK-based call centre. We have a 70-seat call centre with highly trained agents based in Sutton Coldfield, combined with smart technology to ensure outstanding results.

Whether they are accountants, website designers, restaurants or multi-national head offices, we’ve contacted them at least once every 12 months, confirmed their contact details, and explained the purpose for holding their information. This means that you can rely on Market Location to have the most up-to-date and accurate listing of UK businesses, combined with a depth of information about key contacts, type of business, number of employees, financial details and a lot more.

  • 1.7 million business records
  • 1.5 million contacts
  • 100% telephone verified
  • 800,000 available emails
  • 95% telephone connectivity rates
  • 96% email delivery rates
  • Range of SIC and Market Sector codes
  • Location based attributes
  • Companies House financial attributes

Telemarketing Data

Telemarketing campaigns can be a fantastic way to meet your target customer, but only if you know whom you are calling ahead of time and minimise deadlines. If you have a specific demographic you want to reach, our database can provide you with the information you need to contact these businesses and the correct contact that you need to speak to. This process can save you time calling companies outside your target market.

As the ML data universe has already been telephone verified, the data that we can provide you with ensures a higher percentage of connected calls resulting in an increased campaign performance.

All of our data extracts can be screened against TPS/CTPS lists prior to delivery.

Mailing Data

Direct mail is a compelling brand and engagement tactic in B2B communication because it provides an intimate, person-to-person conversation that holds your audience’s attention. To ensure the success of your direct mail campaigns and to achieve the greatest ROI, using quality data is critical.

Our calling process allows us to validate the trading site of the business rather than the registered address, ensuring that your direct mail piece lands in front of the decision maker for that company.

Although digital communication is widely used, direct mail stands out for its great open rate, which can easily reach up to 80%. Due to its creative application, direct mail can achieve a greater cut-through with key decision-makers. Market Location can help you achieve a higher ROI with an increased response rate due to its accurate, verified database.

Direct mail can be used in various campaigns, such as:

  • Generating leads
  • Create a positive brand experience
  • Aiding customer advocacy
  • Cross-selling to existing customers
  • Building brand loyalty
  • Reactivating dormant accounts
  • Increasing territory coverage

Email Marketing Data

Our UK email addresses are telephone-verified to accept third-party communications, providing businesses quick access to PECR compliant contact data.

We offer over 800,000 email addresses from companies in over 2,000 business sectors in the UK.
Our emails provide you with less than 1% hard bounce rate which means that your IP and domain reputation remain high, allowing you to reach a wider audience. The emails that you send will reach an inbox rather than a junk folder!

In addition to the supply of email addresses, one of the benefits of licensing through us will be the regular updates that we can provide once the data has been called by us. Following on from the delivery of your licensed email data file, we will ensure that any new emails added, any updated or any that have opted out are sent to you at regular intervals throughout the license period.

Whilst other email data sources may calculate email addresses and provide to you without validation, we speak to the business directly to confirm the details.

A man confidently presenting to a group of attentive individuals, engaging them with his informative presentation.

Multi-Channel Marketing

To increase marketing effectiveness, we would always encourage our customers to use all channels of marketing – due to suppression files (CTPS/TPS) and challenges in capturing email addresses you often need multiple channels to ensure that you are contacting your full addressable marketplace.

Many of our customers will use email, telephone and direct mail either in isolation or part of a well thought out marketing strategy.

Market Location work with our customers across many different marketing channels so get in touch if you would like advice on your planned company approach.

Data Refresh

Businesses change, and people come and go, so it makes sense that data will become outdated.

At Market Location, we recognise that people need up-to-date data to make crucial business decisions so within our 70-seat call centre we have highly trained agents who call each organisation to confirm their details and maintain the integrity of our database. We make over 12,000 calls daily to maintain our exceptional standards of accuracy.

Regular data updates ensure timely information delivery to customers on an ongoing basis, our data licensing contracts allow for updates passed to you on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. We can tailor each extract to the layout required for ease of uploading to internal systems including bespoke lists of values where required.

Our update files also provide you with new records added within your target market, businesses that have ceased trading, updates to phone numbers, contacts, emails and employee numbers. We can even flag any changes to our Senior Decision Maker contact so that you can introduce yourselves at an early stage.

Because of our high-quality standards, data in our database is updated regularly, and changes are made within 24 hours. Market Location has the most accurate data in the industry and is the ‘go-to’ for businesses looking for B2B data solutions and marketing campaigns.

Contacts/Decision Makers

In addition to our Senior Decision Maker contact, Market Location recognises that departmental influencers can have an impact on a purchase therefore we have also collected additional contacts that we refer to as Contacts Plus.

These contacts are telephone verified in a second call to each company with email and job title collected where available.

Having multiple specialist contacts within a company gives you the ability to create a tailored approach providing different benefits based on the individual’s role and responsibility, facilitating a multi-pronged approach.