Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is the process of fixing incorrect, incomplete, duplicate or otherwise erroneous data in a data set. It involves identifying data errors and then changing, updating or removing data to correct them. Data cleansing improves data quality and helps provide more accurate, consistent and reliable information for decision-making in an organisation.

Why is clean data important?

Business operations and decision-making are increasingly data-driven, as organisations look to use data analytics to help improve business performance and gain competitive advantages over rivals. As a result, clean data is a must for BI and data science teams, business executives, marketing managers, sales reps and operational workers.

Done well, data cleansing provides the following business and data management benefits:

  • Improved decision-making
  • More effective marketing and sales
  • Increased use of data
  • Reduced data costs

Market Location can use our up-to-date UK B2B dataset to cleanse your data as well as in-house tools written to amend formatting issues, re-align data fields, flag duplicates and of course enhance with any of our 130 data fields.

Data Segmentation and Modelling

Market segmentation enables businesses to categorise and target diverse prospect groups. Segmentation uses data to support product development, find a ready market, and differentiate a company’s products from its competitors.

Segmentation and modelling provide a deeper understanding of customers by revealing the factors influencing their responses to various factors. These can include triggers that influence engagement, response, and purchase.

Various criteria for segmenting data include firmographics, which identify and classify businesses based on industry, size, and location. Companies can also segment based on customer needs and profitability.

Market Location can work with you to establish a bespoke model using factors and indicators that are key to your target market. Once created, Market Location can overlay on to our UK B2B database, refining where necessary until the required outcome is achieved.

Data Match

The Market Location matching process is unique. It uses software that we have developed in-house and is built on over 50 years’ experience of data matching for customers. Our software programs interrogate company name, contact name, postcode and telephone number both individually and together in a wide variety of combinations. They intelligently manage record content where there is full field or only partial field population, also where data is incomplete or presented differently (in content and format) to those records that we hold within our database.

There are, of course, occasions where customer data is more complex. In such instances we use our extensive expertise and experience in data matching to reconfigure our coding to establish further reliable matches and so add value to the project. No stone is left unturned in our quest to achieve the maximum number of reliable matches.

It is our flexibility in finding bespoke solutions that adds real value for each individual customer.

professional woman working on a computer explaining something to a man

Data Enhancements

If you have your own datasets, whether they cover customer data or prospect data, Market Location can use unique matching processes to match your data to our UK B2B data and enhance with any of our 130 fields of data including a decision-making contact, email addresses, phone numbers or fields to show the size of the organisation.

We can apply CTPS/TPS flags to your data or even show you where you have duplicates and apply coding that will allow you to easily remove the duplicate records in order to clean up your own data systems.

Data Insights

Do you know what your customers look like and how to find more of them? We do. We use our data insights to get an in-depth understanding of your datasets to derive trends accurately and find other unique characteristics to back up decision-making. Data insights can optimise processes, help you to discover new markets and help you understand your customers and their buying cycles.

At Market Location, we have 2 levels of data insight to offer:

Data Audit

This report is generated after we run a match of your data records against ours and can tell you the following information:

  • Any data quality issues that you have.
  • How many duplicate records are contained.
  • % population of each of the key fields required for matching.
  • How many records match to our UK B2B dataset including live and goneaway records.
  • How many contacts you have that match our televerified contact data as well as how many new contact records we can add to your data.
  • How many telephone numbers within your full file match to the TPS/CTPS lists and therefore should not be called for marketing purposes.
  • How many of our 130 fields of data we can append to help you with segmentation or to load back into your internal systems.
  • Finally, we can show you what your target market looks like using SIC codes or our own Market Sectors, many of our customers have been surprised by what they see once this is complete. From this information we can show you how many more ‘look-a-like’ company records we can provide to you for a targeted sales and marketing campaign.
Data Penetration Report

This report gives you the information included with a Data Audit, but with more of a granular breakdown also looking at the geography of your database, size of organisation, location type and whether you hold mainly head office records, branches or single sites. You can also use the output to drill down further into the available target market of ‘look-a-likes’ that we can offer to you using our z-score penetration results.

If, as a company, you maintain multiple internal datasets, like most of our customers, feel free to send us all of the exports and we can run the above reports on each dataset or combined to show you the overlap between systems.

CTPS/TPS Flagging

It’s crucial for any company looking to use telemarketing data that they understand how many of their phone numbers are listed on the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) or the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

When you license data from Market Location, we can either include a flag on the data records so that you can see if they can be called or exclude any records that cannot be called from the data that you license from us.

We can also help you plan how to reach those companies that you cannot call using other communication methods.

Direct Mail Services

A number of our customers include an element of direct mail in their marketing plans as the number of email addresses that can be sourced through a GDPR compliant, fair and transparent method can be limited.

Whilst Market Location do not have a print team, we have partnered with an organisation that has similar Information Security and GDPR ethics and work to an ISO27001 level. They currently work with a number of large well-known brands and can provide case studies and examples of their work to show you that they know their trade. They can also act as consultants to your Sales and Marketing teams in order to get the most effective Direct Mail campaign together to generate brand awareness or create leads.

Market Location can facilitate this service so that you only have to deal with one contact point and onboard one new supplier.

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Bespoke Data Capture

Many companies are looking for unique insight into their targets and we are well positioned to facilitate data capture projects using our UK call centre.

Our highly trained call centre agents go through rigorous training when they start and regularly throughout their time with us, to ensure that they make the most out of the relatively short time they may get on a call.

These skills can be transferred to any customer project that we choose to undertake. A customer project would include working on the scripting to make sure it is clear, fair to the data subject, efficient (to make sure we get the most from the call), questions are concise and answers are easy to transfer to the system i.e. set answers in as many cases as possible.

Once the data has been collected, we can format according to any instructions provided and supply for upload into internal systems or analyse the results collected if they are for research rather than targeting.

Bizi Platform

Our online count tool, Bizi, is a flagship project designed to help customers with segmentation, targeting, and data analysis. This powerful tool lets you explore our database, which supports over 130 selection filters, including:

  • Employee size
  • Geography
  • Sector
  • Turnover
  • SIC/Market Sector
  • Ltd Company Flag

Businesses can combine several criteria to narrow their searches, allowing quicker access to the required information.

login screen for Bizi Data, a data product by Market Location

We can provide full training and documentation on the system until you know your way around and then we can leave you to it.

We also plan to add to the modules available in Bizi next year to allow you more scope to match to our UK B2B data, append fields and build profiles based on either your key fields or ours, using Power BI to display the results.

We will let you know when these new features are available if you are already using Bizi count.

Market Location can set you up with online access to Bizi and you can use it in different ways:

Run counts

Use the selection criteria to run counts on our live dataset and export crosstabs to share the results internally.

Order data

We use a ‘credits’ process to allow you a volume of records that can be downloaded in real time with no human interaction required from us, making the order process seamless and fast. Many of our customers purchase a bulk of credits and then use Bizi to download data files as and when they need it, making sure that they use the most recent data records each time.

Alternatively, you can run your counts (or we can help). You can determine the full target market that you would like to take, discuss with our sales or account management team and they can provide you with a quotation for the data license. Once approved, your order can then be released and you can download from Bizi when you’re ready.

screenshot of the Bizi Data Platform UI