We offer several data consultancy services to assist businesses in making the best decisions to succeed in the 21st century.

Our team has honed its knowledge and experience over the years to offer our consultancy services.

Our consultancy services, including:

  • Email Marketing Consultancy
  • Call Centre/Marketing Consultancy
  • Data/System Consultancy
  • Analytical Consultancy
  • Sales and Marketing Consultancy

Email Marketing Consultancy

Our team works tirelessly to achieve over 90% delivery rate through our marketing email solutions. We have a team of talented email specialists who work with our customers to share our knowledge on the most impactful email marketing solutions.

We assist customers in creating different email templates targeted at prospective customers and landing pages to gather valuable data.

We use APIs to integrate leads into customer relationship management (CRM) systems for efficient monitoring. Our marketing email solutions are flexible to accommodate new variables and are subject to modifications to improve campaign effectiveness.

a view of the workstations in the 118 call centre, a row of computers and headsets

Telemarketing Consultancy (Call Centre)

Our call centre has served customers for nearly two decades, and we continue to streamline our efficiency to deliver a quality service to our customers. We have even developed our own proprietary spell-check software to identify and fix spelling mistakes during live calls.

The call centre handles over 2 million calls supported by our modern, reliable infrastructure that facilitates a seamless flow of business data. Our data centre team continuously refines their service delivery and develops strategies that adapt to changing business needs and the evolving business landscape.

We employ a range of telemarketing tools that enable us to reach businesses at their convenience. For instance, we can use our data to determine the optimal time to call, based on historic calling attempts.

We can offer advise to your teams if they are setting up a telemarketing campaign or a call centre team to generate leads for your business. We welcome customers and prospects into our call centre to learn more about our processes, systems and scripting.

Data/System Consultancy

Our teams are made up of highly competent experts who possess a rich background in data deployment and domain expertise from their respective fields.

Key members of our team have worked with large IT companies in the past such as Epson, Cisco, McAfee, and Intel on database creation, maintenance and system/process flow projects. We can bring this experience to help advise you with regards to your data strategy, system rollout plans, flow of data through your organisation or simply how to get the best out of the data that we license to you.

A diverse team of professionals discussing ideas and collaborating at a conference table in an office setting. Market Location, team members

Analytical Consultancy

Our online count tool, Bizi, is a flagship project designed to help customers with segmentation, targeting, and data analysis. This powerful tool lets you explore our database, which supports over 130 selection filters, including:

  • Employee size
  • Geography
  • Sector

Businesses can combine several criteria to narrow their searches, allowing quicker access to the required information. The team is developing new modules that will support internal company database matching to build profiles using in-depth data analysis.

Our analysis module, set to be released soon, will give customers the option of querying using our data fields and their own. This module will use Power BI for creating charts and graphs to display the analytical results and a prospect pool that enables businesses to easily license and target new customer records.

These new features and modules will support an integrated platform that lets our internal team collaborate with yours.

In addition, if your company does not currently have any analytical resource then brief us on what you are trying to achieve and we can complete the analysis for you and meet to take you through the findings with recommendations on next steps.

Sales and Marketing Consultancy

Our diverse customer base allows us to work with sales and marketing teams from various sectors. Over the years, we have developed a tried-and-tested system of spotting opportunities that businesses can leverage more effectively.

We are lucky that with many of our customers we become an extension of the internal teams and as such we facilitate or attend many workshops to brainstorm with data, sales and/or marketing teams at the early planning stages.

Our experience across many sectors allows us to share insight and lead discussions to create a fully integrated plan that will take our data and ensure that company targets and goals are met.