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Comprising of all the actively trading businesses in the UK and widely recognised as the most up to date and accurate telephone researched database. Whether they are accountants, website designers, restaurants or multi-national head offices, we’ve spoken to them directly and confirmed their contact details and explained the purposes for holding their information.

Market Location have an inhouse call centre based in Sutton Coldfield, and it’s from here that the precious work is undertaken to make sure that every record on the database is phoned on a regular basis to keep on top of and record any changes. This means that you can rely on Market Location to have the most up to date and accurate listing of UK businesses, combined with a depth of information about key contacts, type of business, number of employees, financial details and lots more.

  • Full UK coverage
  • 1.8 million records
  • 2 million contact details
  • 800,000 email addresses
  • Range of SIC and Market Sector Codes
  • Fully telephone verified
  • 100% include telephone number
  • A range of premium data products including: - Specialist Decision Makers - Brand New Businesses - Businesses on the Move - Financial information -Employee size – full coverage

Our Call Centre

Because all businesses undergo change – location, personnel, contacts etc – it makes sense that over time any list of businesses will get out of date. Market Location understand the importance of making contact regularly with each business on the database to keep up with any changes and make the appropriate amendments. To do this, we have an inhouse UK based call-centre that makes over 2 million calls a year to confirm the information and thereby maintain the exceptional standard of accuracy that marks our database above the rest.

At least once a year every business will have received a call from us – and some may have more frequent communication depending on whether we think something has changed. There is science to our calling – we don’t just start at the top and work our way down the list – we apply intelligence around the volatility of a business based on a range of criteria, and from that determine the priority of the calls. Keeping the information up to date and accurate is also a requirement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Any anomalies or changes to the database that are fed back to us are applied and updated within 24 hours. Market Location, as the owners of the database, invest significant amounts of money into the processes for updating and maintenance.

Data is at the very heart of the Market Location business, so for any UK B2B data requirement – from bespoke solutions to supplying contacts for marketing campaigns – Market Location are the ‘go to’ option of choice for any business.

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Compliance Department

Market Location operates with a permanent in-house Compliance Department. The department undertakes a number of roles relating to risk identification and prevention, monitoring and detection through the effectiveness of risk controls, the resolution of difficulties as they occur and an advisory role relating to applicable regulations, legislation, codes of practice and best practice.

Setting the ethical tone for the companies’ operation in its policies and procedures and emphasising the role compliance plays and the value it brings to the company. The overriding objective is to ensure the organisation has systems of internal control that adequately measure and manage the risks that it faces. This is achieved through compliance with the external rules that are imposed upon the organisation as a whole and with the internal systems of control that have been introduced to achieve compliance with the externally imposed rules.

Through a training and engagement programme and operational responses the Compliance Department works to advise the relevant business on rules and controls and resolves compliance incidents and events as they occur.

Email Data

Providing access to over 1 million telephone verified business email addresses for targeted activity. We offer a range of options, from a fully managed email broadcast service, with real-time online campaign stats and offline data for targeted follow-up, to email data list purchase that can be broadcast by yourself. Regardless of the size email marketing can prove highly effective for almost every business.

In order for your email marketing to be successful you need to have access to targeted, up to date email addresses. A lot of businesses have a database of customer email addresses, but if you’re looking to raise awareness of your company with new prospects that don’t already know about you, you will need to source reputable email data from a data owner such as Market Location.

Email data list targeting
You can choose how you want to target your email data using our comprehensive list of data fields. We have over 2,000 business types to choose from on our database.

Fully Managed Email Service
Our managed email service offers you the complete email solution - leaving you free to concentrate on other areas of your business and marketing activity.
Our managed email service includes:
• Verified business email addresses
• Senior decision maker emails available
• Precise targeting and personalisation
• Cost effective email design options

Why choose Market Location for your email data?

  • We’re experts in email marketing and launched our B2B Email Marketing service back in 2003.
  • We’re Members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and adhere to their Code of Conduct.
  • We have over 800,000 business email addresses for you to choose from, including senior decision makers.
  • Our customers include many large companies who use our email database on an ongoing basis because we deliver the consistently positive results they need to justify spending their marketing budget with us.
  • All our UK email addresses are 100% telephone verified to receive third party communications.
  • Over 80% of our email database is for named contacts

Our Services

Here are a few of the services you can expect from us.

B2B Universe

Tap into one of the largest business databases and access close to 2 million active UK businesses.
Our database covers all sectors, business sizes, and contact positions. Ensuring your marketing message gets to the perfect person every time.

Licensing Data

We create bespoke propositions for our licensees to fulfil individual requirements. We can work with all sizes of company, scale of budget and integration with your own products or services.

Data Solutions

Using our industry-leading Business Universe database, we deliver exceptional cloud-based data hosting. With cloud-based data hosting, you can access your data wherever and whenever you choose, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best — running your business.


Our B2B marketing specialists will help you analyse your market and align your prospect base correctly.

Our insights will help you make reliable, informed marketing choices about where to invest your marketing budget, which lets you maximise your return on investment.

Cleanse & Append

Data is only useful if it is accurate. However, with almost 6 million business details changing each year, it’s incredibly difficult to keep a database up-to-date.

By matching your data to the our industry-leading Business Universe database, we can highlight and update inaccurate information. This ensures that all your names, email addresses and contact numbers are accurate and verified.

Data Provision

Whether you’re running a mail, telemarketing, email or multi-channel campaign, we provide secure high-quality data that will ensure the highest deliverability and connectivity within your marketplace.

Over 1,000 companies use us to Grow Their Business!

Whether you're a one-person business or a FTSE 100 company, we help you discover new clients and grow!

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We're Accurate

Verified business database

+10,000 daily connected calls verify our business database.

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We Maintain

We only keep accurate records

+100,000 inaccurate records retired annually.

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As our competitors

6-12 month data verification cycle.

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400 online partners

1000 directories and others utilise our data.

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What people say about Market Location

Customer service is very important to us. This is what our clients say about us:

Just a letter to say how delighted we have been with New Connections from Market Location. We have only been using the service for two months and have already more than covered our costs for the entire year and are consistently winning good levels of business from the leads we receive.
Fast Life Logo

Anna Pretty

Marketing Manager, Fast Life
Our own in-house tele-appointing teams tell me that they are very happy with the quality of data the above processes allow us to provide, commenting that the Market Location data is the best they have ever had to work with when compared to previous data cleansing and enhancement partners.
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Emma Williams

Customer, Onyx Ltd

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We offer the highest quality of data in the industry to suit any business needs

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From business data for marketing campaigns (email, telemarketing, direct mail) to solutions for cleaning your data, improving the information you hold and analysing and evaluating data - Market Location have got it covered

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